Bremen City Guide

Bremen, Germany

Bremen’s old town is one of the most remarkable in northern Germany. The twin towers of the 1200 year old Dom St. Petri cathedral dominate the skyline, alongside the ornate and imposing Rathaus built in 1410. What is most unusual about the cathedral is what lies beneath: mummified corpses of a Swedish countess, a soldier, and a student who dies in a duel in 1705. Climbing to the top of the cathedral provides magnificent views of the town. Bremen boats that the 13-meter high statue of Knight Roland is the country’s largest representation of this freedom-loving knight. But there is another statue that is more famously associated with the town, and it is located on the western side, in front of the Church of Our Beloved Lady. This is the statue of the Town Musicians of Bremen in their famous pose, one on top of the other on top of a donkey. Myth has it that touching the donkey brings good luck. Near the old town is the area of Bottcherstrasse, with charming narrow streets, red brick walls, and a golden entrance. Bremen has a strong aerospace industry, and space buffs will enjoy the Universum Science Center.